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** LAS SUMMER EXHIBITION - Fri 26th August - Mon 5th September

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Old Laptop Wanted

Do you have an old laptop that the LAS could borrow for the duration of the Summer Exhibition?

We're looking to feature a video display of the Words for Art project, a collaboration of artists, poets and film makers, and plan to include this (with headphones, so as to keep sound contained) as an additional part of our exhibition.

If you can help us out, we'd really appreciate it - drop me a line at samsketches@yahoo.co.uk

Friday, 29 July 2016

Figurative sculpture classes with The Sculpture Place

You can join new figurative sculpture classes with The Sculpture Place, a new community venture based at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton.
  "We have a light and spacious studio in the very attractive converted Victorian grammar school building. We will be running mainly figurative sculpture classes and workshops. Classes will be small and suitable for all abilities from beginners to advanced.
We have a couple of classes starting in September,  The website is www.thesculptureplace.co.uk

Courtesy of 
Sally Scholes, Director, The Sculpture Place

Wednesday life-modelling classes
Our Wednesday life-modelling class will be with a professional life model. It will start on 14th September 2016 and run for six weekly sessions at 9:30am – 12:30pm.The classes will be led by Miranda Wakeman, a professional sculptor and qualified teacher who trained at Stafford College. Beginners and advanced students are welcome.The course cost is £95: this covers all tuition and the first 10kg bag of clay. Additional clay is charged at £6 per bag.

Be part of a sculpture group
Untutored sessions with a professional life model will run on Thursday evenings, 7pm – 9 pm, starting on 15th September 2016. All levels are welcome and informal guidance is
given to beginners. The sculpture group costs £47 for six weeks, including the first bag of clay.

To book, contact Sally Scholes on 07752 798969 or thesculptureplace@gmail.com

The Sculpture Place


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Spotlight - Bocklin, a Swiss Romanticist with Italian mythological light

This month Spotlight shines on Arnold Bocklin, a Swiss painter of the 19th Century.  He studied at Dusseldorf Academy, then known for vibrant landscape techniques with widely coloured palettes.
Bocklin is best known for a series of later works, various versions of "Isle of the Dead", which sold well through prints.

  Bocklin visited Paris and studied Corot, which brought a lightness to his work, akin to the more Parisien practice of painting en plein air.  A few years later went to Rome and was inspired by the warmth of the light, and by mythological imagery.  He shifted from landscapes to more figurative work, and began to use tempera instead of oils to remove brushstrokes from the images, to capture and recreate the smoothness of skin and light.
In Rome he met his wife to be, and returned to Germany with a family.
From this point, temples and mythological creatures such as Titans and Pan permeate his work, still in landscapes.  Bocklin remained diverse, still painting some landscapes and also portraits, overall showing much diversity of composition as well as fine brush technique.  Much of his works he described as dreamscapes.
   Modern art removed him from the public interest, but he was later rediscovered and some of his ideas and techniques influenced many more progressive artists such as Max Ernst, Dali, and de Chirico. Marcel Duchamp, while very diferent in style and subject, referred to Bocklin his favourite artist.

If you know any great art websites or articles, why not share them here? Send your suggestions to matt.smart@mail.com - please not that this isn't for self-promotion!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Upcoming: LAS 70th Anniversary Summer Exhibition

Our very special 70th Anniversary Summer Exhibition is coming up soon, with hanging on Friday 26th August and the show running until Monday 5th September.

If you'd like to exhibit, don't forget that the deadline for your entry forms is in just one week's time!

Also next weekend is the deadline for the Anniversary Art Project (a quick note: you will get your pictures for this particular exhibit back once the AAP book has been produced).

See you at the preview!

Upcoming Silk Top Hat Exhibitions

Starting on Saturday 6th August, the Silk Top Hat Summer Exhibition gets under way with new work from John Alford, LAS member Tamsin Bridge, Patrick Howse and former LAS President Noel Shepherdson as well paintings, prints and sculpture by other Silk Top Hat Gallery artists including Edward Bell, Nik Burns, Mary Griffin, Rae Harrison, Jenny Jones, former LAS President Keith Noble and Matthew Wood.

The exhibition is on from 6th August to 3rd September.


Picture This Workshops at the LAR

Taken from the Shropshire Council website, Picture This is a "fabulous opportunity for 11 -14 year olds to take part in a 2 day workshop with professional artists; the ‘illustration’ theme will involve a wide range of creative activities such as set building, visual arts and drama."

You can find all the details right here: http://new.shropshire.gov.uk/libraries/library-events/ludlow-library-picture-this-workshops/

Friday, 15 July 2016

Westhope Exhibition and Open Day

Westhope Craft College is having an exhibition and open day this weekend - all the details are on their flyer:

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